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East Timor is the newest country in Asia. This small nation, in which the majority of the population is young, could have a bright future if it manages to overcome the great challenges it faces: high rates of inequality, rural poverty and vulnerability to climate change.

East Timor is mainly an agricultural country. 75% of its population lives in rural areas and depends exclusively on small-scale subsistence agriculture.

The use of land is governed largely by unwritten rules and customs, a fact that deeply marks their social identity and culture.

Although the country exploits natural resources such as oil and gas, keys to the country's economy, the benefits are not always used where they are most needed.

Inequality dominates both rural and urban areas. Many families grow just enough corn, soy, fruit, or rice to feed themselves, so what they have left to sell in the markets is limited.

Deforestation has led to erosion and climate change is causing high temperatures, dry seasons are longer and more intense rainfall during the rainy season.

There is a rooted problem of malnutrition and poor health among the population and most households suffer from food shortages at least one month a year.

Our work in East Timor focuses on the promotion of rural development in order to eradicate poverty and inequality in both rural and urban areas.